eCommerce Vagabond is a blog about worldwide eCommerce trends, culture, news and opinion written by Kevin Carlson (me). On Twitter I’m @ecomvagabond or you can follow me on Facebook.

As Vice President and Chief Security Officer at Optaros, I travel hundreds of thousands of miles each year in the US and Europe and have the chance to talk with executives from a wide variety of companies that are leading technology initiatives in digital commerce. This affords a unique perspective on the overall digital commerce marketplace and how it is affected by cultural and political issues.

Why the name eCommerce Vagabond?  Well, I do travel a bit, to say the least, as the term vagabond normally implies, but the real reason is a quote by literary critic Arthur Compton-Rickett that defined the vagabond in literature as someone with “a natural inquisitiveness about the world beyond their doors.” Being able to examine eCommerce in a variety of geographies, political climates and cultures has not only molded the way I view eCommerce but has shown me ways in which eCommerce solutions are successfully implemented and managed in different parts of the world. As my blog’s tagline says, “eCommerce imitates life…”

I’ve been immersed in the technology industry since 1981 starting as a software developer. Having held positions with software companies and consulting organizations since then ranging from consulting management to CTO,  my experience offers a unique perspective on eCommerce – an area in which I’ve been involved since the mid 1990’s.

Outside of  work, I’m also a published songwriter and a voting member of NARAS (the Grammy folks). Several of my original songs have been licensed for television shows and I’m working on additional material in all my spare time 😉